Woody Harrelson On a Mission to Bring More Pot to Hawaii

Some worried that former star of Cheers, Woody Harrelson, had lost interest in medical cannabis. He’d been surprisingly silent regarding the topic for some time. It turns out that the man who has been dubbed “The Natural Born Stoner” not only remains interested in medical cannabis, but he’s also prepared to invest in it.


It has been reported that Harrelson was just one of 60 people who filed an application with Hawaii’s Department of Health for the opportunity to sell medical marijuana to patients in need who reside in Honolulu County. The business Harrelson intends to use for the distribution is called Simple Organic Living. In April, he’ll learn if his business is one of the 8 applications the state will approve. At the moment there are 14,000 patients living in Hawaii who have been given medical clearance to use marijuana as part of their treatment programs.

Hawaii legalized the use of medical marijuana more than 15 years ago, but the language used in the law confused many people. The problem was that while doctors are allowed to prescribe marijuana as part of the treatment for their patients, the state has failed to set anything up for the legalized distribution of the substance. So far, patients allowed to use cannabis were allowed to obtain it one of two ways, they could grow and harvest it themselves or they could go through a licensed caregiver who had cultivated the herb. In 2015, Hawaiian lawmakers decided they needed to do something to regulate the cultivation and sale of medical cannabis, which led to the creation of a program designed to regulate sales.

It simply wasn’t possible for the average person to submit an application to be considered for the distribution of cannabis. In order for Hawaiian officials to even consider Harrelson and the other 59 applicants they have to be able to show they’re willing and able to invest $1 million into the program. If Harrelson is one of the 8 approved applications, he’ll need to act quickly in order to set up 2 production facilities accompanied by 2 retail locations which must be operational and ready to open their doors by July.

While Harrelson and the other applicants wait to learn about the fate of their application, steps are being taken in Hawaii to prevent the home cultivation of both medicinal and recreational marijuana. Representative Marcus Oshiro is working hard to make it illegal for anyone other than the owners of the approved dispensaries to grow marijuana, including the individuals who are currently approved to do so.

Source Article: http://hightimes.com/read/natural-born-stoner-woody-harrelson-applies-sell-marijuana-hawaii



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