the truth about global violence, pt 2

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 from PETER DIAMANDIS’ blog, 7/29/14:

Last week, I shared two key datasets showing that global violence is going down.

This week, I’ve got even more proof for you.

This is one of the most important areas you can share with your friends and family, especially if they have a negative mindset.

Nothing gets us down more than watching violence on television or reading about war and brutality in the newspaper. The truth is, there’s a massive reduction in the amount of violence around the world.

The following graph comes from data in the FBI National Crime Victimization Survey. It depicts the rapes reported in the Bureau of Justice Victimization between 1970 and 2010.

On this curve, and in the next curve, you’ll see the impact of the World Wide Web on violence.

You might hear people decry the loss of privacy in today’s world, but radical transparency is dramatically…

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Ron Paul: End the CIA!

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Hear hear!! KS

Published time: July 28, 2014
Former congressman Ron Paul advocates for abolishing the United States Central Intelligence Agency in a new op-ed where he condemns the CIA and its controversial enhanced interrogation practices.

On Sunday, the retired Texas lawmaker wrote on the website for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity that “CIA covert actions across the globe have led to destruction of countries and societies and unprecedented resentment toward the United States.”

“For our own safety, end the CIA!” urged Paul, who served nearly three decades in Congress and thrice ran unsuccessfully for president before retiring early last year.

Even though the US government has largely curbed the CIA’s sordid use of torture tactics, Paul writes that a recent decision from across the pond should serve as a reminder that the agency should once and for all be laid to rest.

“Last week the…

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Hawai’i: Changing Currents Flowing


Go First Nation of Hawaii

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For over a decade (on various internet platforms) we have been sharing a wealth of informative efforts and collaborative global dialogue that seeks remedy to this current model and meme of control, authority and bondage.
One of our mottos was “Take them to Court”.
Not to any governments’ court of justice, but rather to a People’s “Court of Record”, seeking Grand Jury remedy with disclosure; also known as EQUITY.
9-11 was and still is a fulcrum that is connected to Crimes against Humanity.
Lawful complaints seeking to remedy harm will lead to uncovering facts, perpetrators, and remedy.
We do not endorse institutional control, and having said that we know some people who do and will endorse institutions. Some of the people that organize institutions have good and honorable intentions that in this era of global transition will assist in collapsing the current matrix of control.
With the above concepts…

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One Of The Most Significant Pieces Of The Sustainability Puzzle

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“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” ? John Muir

A Gradual Awakening

Having spent many years working in the business world, being seduced by the gods of progress, I experienced a gradual awakening that reshaped the way that I saw the world. I began to realise that what I had been taught at university and other tertiary institutions just did not stack up. It became blindingly clear that the current economic model with its fixation on growth was highly unsustainable and detrimental to our society and environment. Our entire financial, economic and social systems are hinged on the premise that markets will continue to grow. This concept itself is unsustainable as we live in a finite physical world. Yet every business listed on the stock market is dependant on continuous growth. My question was simple. How can economies continue to grow indefinitely? The…

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13 Powerful Pictures That Show What Brazilians REALLY Thought About The World Cup

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Our species is an amazing race with so much cultural diversity. Every section of the globe is a unique piece of the whole puzzle we call the human race. When we come together (if we ever do, and we are) our potential to create something better for ourselves, the planet and all beings that reside on it is infinite. We have the means to create a world where everyone?s needs are met, a world of peace so we can start advancing as a species and move forward from our adolescence into adulthood. Creating awareness is great, but action is key, it starts with you.

Sports are a wonderful creation of the human race. They are very fun, and provide lots of joy to millions of people around the world. People coming together for global sporting events is something that should indeed be celebrated. But we have to ask ourselves…

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Pain | Lifted Consciousness

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I do not like to think that people “harm me”. Nobody harms me. I harm myself when I choose to step into the shoes of the victim. “The victim” is everyones favorite character to become when the ego is being challenged. We don’t have to be emotional victims of people or ourselves. Emotional discomfort is a tool for learning, not to discourage you. You may feel sad, you may feel hurt, you may feel down. We all share this suffering together. The key is transcending it because it is not who we really are. We got into the collective habit of marinating and identifying ourselves with our pain. Being a victim of pain is a trend in our society and such trend is deeply affecting our mental health because of the repetition of suffering. Repetition is key because we are beings of habit. So i am not really talking about…

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God Bless the incredible work of Annie Robbins in putting this together: In Photos: Worldwide protest against Israeli attack on Gaza (Updated). . . Shame on Israel . . . shame!!!

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Annie Robbins
on July 27, 2014 223
Source: Mondoweiss
Thanks to I.

West Bank, Occupied Palestine

Boston (photo: Nadeen Abuhasan)

Salfeet, Occupied Palestine

Karachi, Pakistan

Portland, Oregon (photo: Erick Crash)

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina




Cape Town, South Africa

Rabat, Morocco



Activists against the assault on Gaza gathered in New York's Foley Square. (Photo: Christopher Hazou)

Bethlehem, Palestine

Aukland, New Zealand

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Valparaiso, Chile

Amman, Jordan

Nablus  (photo:

Madrid, Spain




Ottawa, Canada



Washington D.C.

South Korea

Boston (photo: Nadeen Abuhasan)

San Francisco, USA

Santiago, Chile



Paris, France

Glasgow, Scotland


Tokyo, ,Japan



Columbus, Ohio


Edinburgh, Scotland


Amman, Jordan

Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Kansas City, July 20,photo by Billy Jo Larmore

Milan, Italy

Portland, Oregon




New York City

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Woman with sign is Elena Stein



BuenosAires, Argentina



San Francisco

Bogata, Columbia



Frankfurt, Germany


Houston, Texas

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dublin, Ireland

Rome, Italy

Los Angeles

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vienna, Austria

Montreal, Canada. Photo courtesy of Under the Olive Tree which airs on CKUT 90.3 FM every Thursday from 11am – 12 noon. Learn more at

New York

Montreal, Canada. Photo courtesy of Under the Olive Tree which airs on CKUT 90.3 FM every Thursday from 11am – 12 noon. Learn more at

Kansas City, July 20, by Billy Jo Larmore. More photos here

Columbus, Ohio

About Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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Ali Shahi’s Flight to Panama

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By Caleb McMillan,

Ali Shahi, a 25-year old Canadian, has been charged with uttering threats and endangering the safety of Flight 772, a Panama-City bound plane from Toronto. The flight turned 45 minutes after departure, over West Virginia, escorted by two U.S. fighter jets. It?s a great stereotype for the media. But before we start judging this guy too harshly, let?s put ourselves in his shoes. Ali is 25. Meaning he was 12 when 9/11 happened. Schools, or public indoctrination centres, are hard enough to get through for many teens, let alone the ethnic minority demonized by the statist propaganda machine. To top this off all, Ali was bullied because he was fat. This contributed to a deep depression that caused an outburst on Flight 772 because cigarettes on board were 25 cents cheaper than in the airport. Ali wanted to be reimbursed. I want to know why…

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Why Don’t We Try?

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I have often thought how it would have been if I had just loved.mother-teresa-quotes-5

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Israeli Reservists Sign Petition And Refuse To Serve

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” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “
Published on

Over 50 Israeli Reservists Declare ‘We Refuse to Serve’

Joint letter comes as Palestinian death toll in Gaza nears 800 and UN official warns of possible human rights violations and war crimes

(Image: War Resisters International)

(Image: War Resisters International)

As Israel continues to pummel Gaza, over 50 reservists in the Israeli army have declared their refusal to serve in the army and voiced their open support for “all those who resist being called to service.”

In a petition published Wednesday in the Washington Post, the resisters criticize an army that denies the “civil and human rights” of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. “We divide the world into good and evil according to the military’s categories; the military serves as the leading authority on who is valued more and who…

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“Weird Al Is Getting Activated”

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This came in via email from my friend, Mitch today, and I so agree. It’s really brilliant! Parody as a means of bringing out truths too indigestible for mainstream viewers … and yet the symbols and catchy song filter into the subconscious, preparing the masses to swallow the medicine needed to wake the heck up. Genius! (And, LOL, confession time, I misspelled “genious.” Doh!)

Mitch’s comments:

SUBJECT: Weird Al is Getting Activated

First there’s this video, released last week, with 12M views already, the song he’s parodying was the biggest hit of the year in 2013, is he mocking conspiracy theorists? I felt no, although he know’s people may feel he is,he’s being very sly I feel:

Any questions about his motivations are answered with this video released yesterday, it’s a brilliant animated satire on corporate language and their real intentions, this is very subversive stuff for the masses:


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World of Resistance Report: Davos Class Jittery Amid Growing Warnings of Global Unrest (part 3)

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Source: Andrew Gavin Marshall

As an annual gathering of thousands of leading financial, corporate, political and social oligarchs in Davos, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken a keen interest in recent years discussing the potential for social upheaval as a result of mass inequality and poverty. A WEF report released in November of 2013 warned that a “lost generation” of unemployed youth in Europe could potentially pull the Eurozone apart. One of the report’s authors, the CEO of Infosys, commented that “unless we address chronic joblessness we will see an escalation in social unrest,” noting that youth especially “need to be productively employed, or we will witness rising crime rates, stagnating economies and the deterioration of our social fabric.” The report added: “A generation that starts its career in complete hopelessness will be more prone to populist politics and will lack the fundamental skills that one develops early…

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Why I am Standing for the Republic of Kanata ~ By Kevin D. Annett

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One and three quarter centuries ago, a farmer and blacksmith named Philip Annett left the home he had built for his family in the forests of Upper Canada, armed with the only family rifle. Philip walked twenty miles in the snow to join other patriots, who together marched in arms to York, the capital, to overthrow the corrupt clique of crown judges, bishops and bankers who ran the country for their own profit.

Philip Annett was my great great great grandfather.

Like so many rebels and dreamers, Philip and his friends failed. The sovereign Republic on our soil envisioned by William Lyon McKenzie, Louis Papineau and the other patriots of 1837 did not come to pass. Their little army was attacked and dispersed, the leaders were hanged or deported, but Philip made it home to pass on to his children, and to me, the dream of liberty in a…

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Mic check: Angela Grant

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patrol-carShould Officers of the Law Have the Final Word?

by Angela Grant

Should Judges Decision be the final word when a community vehemently disagrees? When disparities confirm, racial profiling leads increase stop and searches of minorities along with high arrests, convictions, and tougher sentencing compared to non-minorities.

Police Officers are trained. They along with judges are models of integrity who are trusted to serve and protect ALL Americans. Once upon a time, police officers were part of the community or worked with the community.

Based on the following those relationships no longer exist.  Police Officer’s use excessive force may partly related to lack of connection to the communities in which they are paid to serve and protect.

Officer Involved Shooting – Salinas, CA 05/20/2014


Family Releases Video of Mentally Ill Man Killed by Fort Bend Officer

As you can see in these videos, the default is shooting to kill…

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the truth about global violence…it’s way down…

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By Peter Diamandis:

I call CNN the Crisis News Network (or the Calamity News Network), delivering all crisis, all the time…

Today’s news media is a drug pusher, and negative news is their drug.

It might interest you to know that violence around the world has actually been going down, and has been for some time.

Your chances of dying a violent death are 1/500th of what they used to be during medieval times.

We’re blind to this fact, because our brains pay 10 times more attention to negative news than positive news. I wrote about these cognitive biases in Abundance.

Let’s take a look at the data that backs this up.deathsduetowar

This graph shows deaths due to war between 1900 and 2005. You’ll notice clear spikes during World War I and World War II.

Check out this next graph.


Here, you’ll see the types of battles fought since…

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Hong Kong’s Big Four Accounting Firms Call Hong Kong Democracy Protesters “Threat to the rule of law, society, and the economy.”

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In newspaper ads, the “Big Four” accounting firms call Hong Kong democracy protesters a threat to “the rule of law, society, and the economy.” But it’s not clear why.

Hong Kong

Tens of thousands of  people march during an annual protest for democratic reform on a down town Hong Kong street Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

WASHINGTON — Rights and watchdog groups are questioning both the logical and legal basis for a series of advertisements, published by the world’s four largest accountancy firms, expressing opposition to the recent pro-democracy demonstrations that took place in Hong Kong.

The firms include one, Deloitte, headquartered in the United States, as well as three European companies, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young (now known as EY) and KPMG. Of course, these are fully global entities, with collective revenues above $100 billion a year and together known simply as “the Big Four.”

Late last…

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FBI Entrapped Suspects In Almost All High-Profile Terrorism Cases In US – 21 July 2014

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RT logoA new report by Human Rights Watch accuses the FBI of using sting operations to entrap informants, creating terrorists out of law-abiding individuals and targeting American Muslims in the agency’s counterterrorism investigations.

The Justice Department and the FBI have targeted American Muslims in “abusive” counterterrorism sting operations based on religious and ethnic identity, according to the new report from HRW and Columbia University Law School’s Human Rights Institute. The study found that many of the over 500 terrorism-related cases since the War on Terror began in 2001 have alienated the communities that the government should rely on to prevent terrorism.

“This is a number that sounds really big, and it makes it sound like Americans are being kept safe from terrorism attacks,” Andrea Prasow, deputy Washington director for HRW, said in a video released with the report. “But we found that in a lot of these cases, people were prosecuted…

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Children are the silent victims of the family courts

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Majority of us are zombies being carried away by the thought current….

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“Each day as you wake up, watch your thoughts for they are the steam that drives your engine. If you are a passive observer, then the thoughts will pass like clouds only making you just conscious of them. If your vigilance slackens, then a thought will hold your attention, and bring force upon you to act. At that moment remind to question yourself.

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Murrieta Mutiny: Border Patrol “Will Not Obey Unlawful Orders” From Homeland Security and White House


This is a wild story, don’t know what to make of it..

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Source: SHTFPlan, by Mac Slavo

As the Department of Homeland Security and The Department of Health and Human Services scrambled to find food, medical care and shelter for up to 60,000 illegal immigrants making their way into the United States over the last several months, they came up with the idea of shipping thousands of undocumented migrants to detention centers in Murrieta, California.

Americans showed up in droves to protest the proposed drop-offs. So much so that the gatherings made national news. Swarms of Americans, many of whom hailed from foreign countries themselves, stood in the middle of the road blocking scores of buses as they attempted to reach their destinations at makeshift refugee camps set up by DHS and HHS.

Given the recent history of such brazen actions by American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, it was believed that the federal government would step in and begin detaining…

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Professor Noam Chomsky (Jew): “It is Not a War. It is Murder”! The Genocide of Palestinians by Zionist Israel !

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  • Emphasis mine:
  • Professor Noam Chomsky (Jew): “It is Not a War. It is Murder!” 
    by John Glaser, November 18, 2012,
    Here is Noam Chomsky’s statement on Israel’s latest aggression in Gaza:

    The incursion and bombardment of Gaza is not about destroying Hamas. It is not about stopping rocket fire into Israel, it is not about achieving peace.

    The Israeli decision to rain death and destruction on Gaza, to use lethal weapons of the modern battlefield on a largely defenseless civilian population, is the final phase in a decades-long campaign to ethnically-cleanse Palestinians.

    Israel uses sophisticated attack jets and naval vessels to bomb densely-crowded refugee camps, schools, apartment blocks, mosques, and slums to attack a population that has no air force, no air defense, no navy, no heavy weapons, no artillery units, no mechanized armor, no command in control, no army… and calls it a…

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It Begins… US Citizen Goes to Jail for Collecting Rain Water

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Gateway Pundit – Gary Harrington, the Oregon man convicted of collecting rainwater and snow runoff on his rural property, went to jail today. He was charged with collecting rainwater.Gary Harrington will be serving in jail until September 2014 for collecting rainwater.

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Why We Can’t Be Selfish In This Vote Scotland

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Check the hatred here.. WOW!

Check the hatred here.. WOW!

First thing I need to make clear, we will be the first nation EVER to leave a union without as much as a punch being thrown in anger. The image above was from this years Wimbledon. There is no hatred in this vote and there won’t be when we have voted. Because I believe it will be a #YES. Looking at all the Polls from @YesWhere_ever I see it at 70/30 for. Each city has it’s own #Yes Campaign, my one is @YesWestEdinburgh They all did a poll, all over Scotland, add it up, and you get 70/30, but we can’t be sure, we must make sure

Well here we go, another attempt to get through to the people who vote no. Probably people with decent lives, nice home, 2 family income and totally unaware of the struggle faced by others. I myself am…

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This Essential Oil Has Recently Been Proven To Kill Lung, Oral and Ovarian Cancer!

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Click on image for article!

  • To dispel the nonsensical propaganda: “There is NO CURE for Cancer!”
  • This Essential Oil Has Recently Been Proven To Kill Lung, Oral and Ovarian Cancer
    Studies have found that the super herb thyme essential oil potently kills lung and breast cancer cells.
    The essential oil of common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) which usually known as “oil of thyme” contains 20-54% thymol. Thymol belongs to a naturally occurring class of compounds known as “biocides”. Biocides are substances that can destroy harmful organisms. When thymus is used alongside other biocides, such as carvacrol, it has strong antimicrobial attibutes. Scientists tested thyme for its antibacterial activities in vitro toxicology against three human cancer cell lines. What they found is that thyme kills lung cancer cells, oral and ovarian cancer (i).

    Thyme is a native to the Mediterranean, and was originally given the name “thyme”…

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Game Changing Major End The Fed Rally Planned in Europe

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Luke Rudkowski talks to Lars Maehrholz about the mass demonstration against the Fed happening in Berlin on 19 July.

Vía Max Keiser

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Berlin conducts raids on Ministry of Defense following second US spy charges in a week



Originally posted on peoples trust toronto:
German authorities have carried out a raid on the residence of a defense ministry official suspected of passing secrets to the US, just one week after the arrest of a German intelligence officer who worked as a double agent.
Read Full Article at

Vía RT – News

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City Council members may be individually liable for harm caused by fluoridated water

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The city council of a Canadian community has been informed that it may be legally liable for harm caused to any of its residents by the fluoridated water in the city’s system.

“Not only is the region responsible and liable to the people of Peel, individual councillors are responsible and liable,” said lawyer Nader Hasan, who is representing the group Concerned Residents of Peel, told the Peel Region council recently.

The Toronto Star reported that Hasan informed the council that Charter rights protecting against government policies that cause harm are currently being violated, and he further warned that if the fluoride is not removed from the city’s system, there may be a costly legal battle ahead.

The Star further reported:

The group, with the help of Councillor John Sprovieri, wants fluoride removed from drinking water because of possible health risks…

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Moral Decline of America – Detroit’s Water Cutoffs ‘Blamed on Bankruptcy’

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It has been nearly a year since Detroit declared bankruptcy, now thousands of residents have had their water cutoff since March and 150,000 more are facing the same fate…

Source: 21st Century Wire

A brief history of monetary ruin: Detroit Michigan is known as the ‘Motor City’ and was once proudly hailed as one of the most innovative cities in America for all of its automotive manufacturing prowess, but those days have long-since ended, marking a great decline in production and job creation – but what exactly happened. Detroit’s transformation from the 4th largest city in the United States with nearly 1.8 million people to the 18th most populous city with just over 700,000 residents didn’t happen overnight – it took decades.

Corrupt politicians like Kwame Kilpatrick, and a host of other city officials slowly sapped the city of its resources, leading to Detroit’s financial coffin. Kilpatrick…

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Panarchy – Extra Terratorial

The right to choose any type of Government you want no matter your location..

The open-source rEvolution

This is a must read!

Scientific Proof that Our DNA is Mutating


This is amazing – how bad will it get before we arrive in utopia and how far into the future will it be?

Originally posted on wchildblog:

Source: TruthStreamMedia, by Gregg Prescott

Imagine being able to activate your dormant, “junk” DNA? In recent news, scientists and geneticists have discovered three and four strand DNA in human cells while some geneticists believe we may soon evolve to a 12 strand DNA.

To those who may dismiss this theory, and article entitled, “Spontaneous Evolution Has Arrived!“, a child was recently born with a 3 strand DNA in England.

Brave toddler Alfie Clamp stuns doctors after being born with extra strand of DNA

A British toddler has become the first person in the world to be born with an extra strand in his DNA, in a condition so rare doctors don’t even know its name.


We are taking an evolutionary leap

Dr. Berrenda Fox is a holistic practitioner of the Avalon Wellness Centre in Mt Shasta, California.  In an interview with Patricia Resch, Dr. Fox stated the following:

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Rodney King Redux? California Highway Patrolman Caught On Tape Pummeling Black Woman


This is sad to see – I wish the peace officers would stand up to their superiors and say “the people are no where near as violent as you are making them out to be”

Originally posted on wchildblog:

In what has quickly become viral as yet another example of extreme (and unchecked) police behavior against the people, California Highway Patrol says that it is investigating footage posted on YouTube that shows a policeman repeatedly punching the face and head of a prostrate woman. “If you look at the video, there are 15 hits. To the head, and not just simple jabs. These are blows to the head. Blows. Really serious blows. And this is ridiculous to me… I find it hard to believe there [was] no other remedy in this situation.” Life, liberty, and no pursuit of police brutality?


CHF Chief Chris O’Quinn added…

“I can say that the tape only shows a small part of what transpired. There are events that led up to this. Until that’s collected and put into — perspective, we aren’t going to be able to make a determination.”

* …

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Earth’s weakening magnetic field: Dramatic dips spotted across the Western Hemisphere could damage satellites


Very interesting..

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :

July 2014GEOLOGY - Earth’s magnetic field is a protective shield for our planet from cosmic radiation, but it’s also somewhat of a mystery – scientists aren’t sure why it moves and changes in intensity. And now the first set of high-resolution results from Esa’s three-satellite Swarm constellation reveal that the field is actually getting weaker, albeit by a small amount. Measurements made over the past six months confirm the general trend of the field’s weakening, with the most dramatic declines over the Western Hemisphere. Launched in November 2013, Swarm is providing unprecedented insights into the complex workings of Earth’s magnetic field, which safeguards us from the bombarding cosmic radiation and charged particles. In some areas, such as the southern Indian Ocean, the magnetic field has strengthened since January – although the overall trend is a weakening. The latest measurements also confirm the movement of magnetic North towards Siberia.

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Scientists say the number of big earthquakes have doubled in 2014 – though cause remains elusive


I don’t normally report earthquake, bit since I know the Earth is linked to human consciousness this is interesting..

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :

July 2014GEOLOGY – If you think there have been more earthquakes than usual this year, you’re right. A new study finds there were more than twice as many big earthquakes in the first quarter of 2014 as compared with the average since 1979. “We have recently experienced a period that has had one of the highest rates of great earthquakes ever recorded,” said lead study author Tom Parsons, a research geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Menlo Park, California. But even though the global earthquake rate is on the rise, the number of quakes can still be explained by random chance, said Parsons and co-author Eric Geist, also a USGS researcher. Their findings were published online June 21 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. With so many earthquakes rattling the planet in 2014, Parsons actually hoped he might find the opposite — that the increase in…

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First Nations, B.C. cabinet to discuss land title ruling Sept. 11 Parties seek path forward after the Supreme Court’s recognition of Tsilhqot’in land title

Originally posted on 2012 The Awakening:

By Max Paris, CBC News

Jul 04, 2014 12:33

Chief Roger William of the Tsilhqot’in First Nation was among First Nations leaders praising last month’s Supreme Court of Canada decision recognizing the Tsilhqot’in’s aboriginal title over land it considers its traditional territory. First Nations leaders and the B.C. government will tentatively meet Sept. 11 to discuss the path forward. (Chief Bob Chamberlin/Twitter)

First Nations ‘ecstatic’ over historic Supreme Court ruling
Supreme Court’s Tsilhqot’in First Nation ruling a game-changer for all
Tsilhqot’in First Nation ruling means revisiting the James Bay Treaty, says lawyer
Tsilhqot’in First Nation granted B.C. title claim in Supreme Court ruling
B.C. Premier Christy Clark and her cabinet have set a tentative date of Sept. 11 to meet with First Nations leaders and discuss the Supreme Court of Canada’s recognition last week of aboriginal title in the Tsilhqot’in decision.

The date was set at a meeting in Victoria…

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Belief Systems: A Slippery Slope



Originally posted on 2012 The Awakening:

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Deleting a promising cancer treatment

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

Deleting a promising cancer treatment

by Jon Rappoport

July 1, 2014

The following information comes from Daniel Haley’s brilliant book, Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine.

Haley recounts how a 1991 clinical trial of the innovative and “alternative” cancer medicine, hydrazine sulfate (HS), was rigged.

Rigged to fail.

A spectacularly promising medicine, HS had shown good results in trials at Harbor/UCLA hospital and in Russia. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) felt obligated to test the drug. But there was a catch.

The drug’s discoverer, Dr. Joseph Gold, had found that HS could provoke very dangerous effects if patients were taking other drugs, especially tranquilizers. Several warnings were given to NCI before it began its test. The warnings were explicit. Patients could die if they were taking tranquilizers.

It turned out that none of the NCI patients were warned about this. It turned out that…

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ACLU report exposes US federal government’s role in creating “paramilitary police”

Originally posted on Truth11:

Andre Damon

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released an extensive report Monday on the militarization of the police in the US, showing that the “federal government has justified and encouraged the militarization of local law enforcement.”

The report, entitled War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing, shows that the federal government has spent billions of dollars arming local police forces with military-grade weapons and encouraged their use in day-to-day policing.

The report focuses on the increasing use of so-called Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) forces to take over the role of ordinary police forces. These units are, in the words of their creator, former Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates, “quasi-militaristic” outfits.

SWAT teams have been deployed throughout the US to carry out such tasks as serving search warrants related to non-violent crimes. These raids proceed like the house-to-house searches made infamous during the US invasion of…

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This Is What Happened To My Life When I Left College For Good

Originally posted on peoples trust toronto:

About 7 years ago, something happened in my life that changed the way I saw myself, my life and the world. I left college for good.

I had been through 3 different programs in 3 years trying to figure out what worked for me. I was depressed on and off. I couldn?t believe that life was simply wake up and go to school until you get a degree. Then, wake up and go to a job you don?t truly like to make money to support your life until your 60 and then hopefully you can retire. Then, you die. I had to make a change and all along something told me that if I did, everything would be okay. Regardless of what everyone told me my whole life, I knew deeply that I didn?t (just as you don?t) have to live life in the way everyone tells you.


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‘Stop war': Thousands protest in Japan over military expansion law change

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Thousands gathered outside the Japanese prime minister’s office to protest constitutional changes that would expand Japan’s military role and allow overseas deployment. It comes one day after a man set himself on fire in protest against a proposed law.
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Is The Government Conspiring To Keep You Poor? — Max Keiser & Russell Brand

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Winds of Change


This is awesome

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imageIt was a plausible answer. The Great Ice Age swept over the earth and froze all the dinosaurs. I had no reason to doubt Mrs. Moore, my fourth grade teacher at Fairmont Elementary in New Albany, Indiana. If I verified her claims in my encyclopedias that dad bought me, I’m sure this fact would be consistent.

Columbus was a hero who only wanted to prove the world was round. Imagine the adventure of his crew, anticipating to dodge the giant abyss that might carry their ship off the Edge of Oblivion. What a wonderful time the pilgrims and American Indians had as they first sat at that immense table overflowing with roasted fowl and other delicacies.

I will not admit to the reader when I discovered the stars of the winter skies were actually the same objects as our sun. I always accepted my mothers answer that they were simply…

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I am a child

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I am a child
Crying for mercy,—
I am a child
Starving with nothing to eat,—
Why don’t you hear me crying?

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U.S. Relies On Law from Governments Which Don’t Even HAVE a Constitution to Justify Assassination of U.S. Citizens By Drone

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The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says:

No person shall ? be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law ?.

So how did the legal memorandum ?justifying? assassination of U.S. citizens by drone try to sidestep the Fifth Amendment?

It relied on reasoning from two countries that don?t have any constitution.

The New York Times reports:

One might have expected a thoughtful memo that carefully weighed the pros and cons and discussed how such a strike accords with international and Constitutional law.

Instead, the memo turns out to be a slapdash pastiche of legal theories ? some based onobscure interpretations of British and Israeli law ? that was clearly tailored to the desired result. Perhaps the administration held out so long to avoid exposing the thin foundation on which it based such a momentous decision.

Neither England nor Israelhave a constitution.


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Our divorce started in 1991, and finally ended in 2009. During that time I filed complaints against lawyers and judges for violating numerous laws and civil rights. The fraudulent acts, perjury and abuses within the divorce system were rampant. After going through the divorce, I could understand how all people can be skeptical about the entire legal system. Rather than talk about issues within the system that you must know are broken, let me list some ways that you can use to improve the system.

Allow complaints against lawyers while an action is ongoing. Now, the rules of the bar ethics committees usually will not pursue complaints while an action is ongoing and this only encourages lawyers to continue to violate RPC. When there are children and child support, actions go…

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Breaking News: Canada First Nations Victory: Supreme Court’s Tsilhqot’in First Nation ruling a game-changer for all

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This is huge. Imagine a government having to respect the law! Old treaties have to be respected. I can hear the moans of all the little racists across the land squirming with the wedgie they just received. Kudos to the Supreme Court of Canada. Well done.


Supreme Court’s Tsilhqot’in First Nation ruling a game-changer for all – Aboriginal – CBC.

A case of ‘national importance’ empowers First Nations, but may complicate big resource projects

By Amber Hildebrandt

CBC News 

Jun 27, 2014 

The Tsilhqot'in First Nation, a semi-nomadic group of six bands, celebrated a historic Supreme Court of Canada win on Thursday, but the decision's consequences go well beyond the community.

The Tsilhqot’in First Nation, a semi-nomadic group of six bands, celebrated a historic Supreme Court of Canada win on Thursday, but the decision’s consequences go well beyond the community. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)


The Supreme Court decision on Thursday granting the land claim of a B.C. First Nation is not only a game-changer for many aboriginal communities across the country, but also for the government and the…

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Germany’s “End The Fed” Protest Organizer Gets Car Fire-Bombed


You can’t STAND UP if your not willing to STAND YOUR GROUND…

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Anyone saying “the Fedeal Reserve Act is bad” in Germany is, according to Lars Maehrholz, looked upon by the mainstream as being a Nazi. The organizer of the widespread “End The Fed” rallies that we discussed previously, explained that he is not only under attack by the main stream media and political system in Germany but also physical threats that resulted in a car he was in getting fire bombed by an anonymous perp.

As WeAreChange reports,

Lars received threats that this would happen online and now his friends car that he was in, was set on fire.

The police say that the car caught on fire by itself and are not investigating the case. Luckily Lars and his friend were not in the car when it was set on fire.

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Lars Maehrholz a skydiver that became the main organizer of…

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Thursday, 6-26-14, 6-9 PM HST… Meetings on Native Hawaiian Recognition with the U.S. Department of the Interior

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olelo_live_feed_shot_140626This is [was] going on live right now. I’ll have more information later, but I felt that many in Hawai’i and elsewhere, might want to view this, now. This meeting is at Heeia Elementary School in Kaneohe, O’ahu, Hawai’i.

Go to for more information.

Another meeting is tomorrow, June 26, 6:00pm – 9:00pm, at Makakilo Elementary School, Makakilo, O’ahu, Hawai’i. Here is the live ‘Olelo TV feed link:

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New ERA – The Future of Money and Business – Part 2

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By Scott Cundill on June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

The off-the-grid businesses revolution is beginning. And we are going to thrive. Off-the-grid businesses operate outside of the conventional banking system. They do not register with the government. They do not pay tax and they don’t supply reams and reams of paperwork just to “comply.”

Well, not completely anyway.

Most intelligent people continue to run their existing finances, while quietly in the background they are building parallel off-the-grid businesses.

Does this approach sound radical? Before you formulate an opinion, it is vital that you understand and research the background of why businesses are choosing to go OTG.

How it all Began

Centuries ago, merchants traded with physical gold, silver and precious gems. Carrying around this kind of wealth was dangerous, and for this reason the goldsmiths who fashioned and worked with precious metals became the guardians of those metals. They…

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The Corbett Report – Germans Want to End the Fed?

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Posted: 25 Jun 2014
Monday demonstration in Leipzig, 1989

by James Corbett
June 21, 2014

This article originally appeared in The International Forecaster newsletter. To subscribe to the Forecaster, please visit the website.

On the evening of Monday, September 4, 1989, a handful of people dissatisfied with the East German government organized a peaceful demonstration in the courtyard of the St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig. People in other cities, hearing of the demonstration by word of mouth and from West German television coverage began convening their own demonstrations on Monday evenings. By early October, the Leipzig demonstration had swelled from its original few hundred participants to a massive 70,000 people, a full 14% of the population of the city. The next week, there were 120,000 people at the protest. The week after that, 320,000. The East German security forces refused to intervene for fear of causing a massacre, and…

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